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Interview with Brian Morrissey(@bmorrissey)...

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Today we have yet another interview with a tech icon. Brian Morrissey is the Editor in Chief at Digiday!
Digiday is a media company and community for professionals who work in the digital media, marketing and advertising industry.
Q. How/why/when was Digiday founded?
A. Digiday was founded three years ago as an events company. The idea was to build a media business starting first with industry events dedicated to specific topics, such as ad targeting. About 18 months ago, I joined Digiday in order to really build a publishing entity on this events business. To be a real media business, you need content at the center. The events business was, and remains, an important part of our business. But our goal is to be the best provider of news and analysis about digital media.
Q. What computer/phone do you use?
A. Like most journalist, I'm an Apple user. Prior to Digiday, I spent six years at a magazine. Magazines frequently use Apple products because our publishing software is most stable on them. I like how well Apple products work together. The iPhone is literally amazing to me. The things I can do with it would have been literally science fiction when I was a kid. My family had a rotary dial telephone. People don't appreciate how much "in the future" we already live.
Q.  What in you opinion is the future, of media, marketing, and advertising?
A. Murky. The fun part and the challenge of the Internet is that it breaks things. It broke the music business, for instance. That was great for consumers, artists wanting to be discovered but not for the record labels and some others. The same process is happening in digital media. As consumers it's amazing the amount of content we have access to now. But for creators of that content it's not entirely clear how the business works. The reason I'm so excited about what we do at Digiday is that we're chronicling one of the true big stories of our time, the shift from the analog to the digital media worlds.
Q. Why do you like to run marathons?
A. Distance running is a lot like life. It takes a lot of work, a fair bit of failure, a willingness to suffer a bit and the need to never give up. It's taught me that truly anything is possible if you have a plan, work like hell to execute it and accept that the bad parts won't always last. I recently ran a 56-mile ultramarathon over very scary hills in Africa. The idea is absurd on so many levels. But it was also doable, like pretty much anything you put your mind to.
Q. What can we expect from you in the future?
A. My focus remains what it's been since I joined Digiday 18 months ago: help build the best media company covering digital media. We need to create better content, take more chances and build a bigger, more influential audience. I'm lucky that I work with a great group of people who will make that happen.
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