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Jaybird Sportsband...

Isn't automattic publishing cool?

I have been using these headphones for a while now and absolutely love them. They are made by a company called Jaybird.

These headphones are bluetooth which, as most of you know, means they don't need wires!

The design, as you can see is amazing! Really stellar.

It is so simple, and so sleek, and really looks like it just took a shower.

The headphones feature a flexible band, with a smooth rubber cover. This provides great grip on you head and is pretty comfortable. I use these when I play basketball and they almost never fall off, unless I am dunking :)!

As for your "ear comfort" you certainly don't have to sacrifice it. The headphones come with nice cloth pads. Although I would prefer something of a more high quality, for the money that your paying I guess this is the best that Jaybird could do.

As for the controls. There is a primary button for paring the headphones with your device, powering the headphones on or off, and for pausing and/or playing. Then there are four other buttons that allow you to switch songs, and adjust the volume. I don't really like the buttons but hey, I think Jaybird could do better, maybe in the future they will have some legit Siri incorporation.

When pairing with the Sportsband it will come up in your Bluetooth menu as SB#, and by # I mean some number. In my case, 2.

To pair you have to hold down the power button and wait for the light to flash from red(pictured here) and...

blue. The your simply press pair, and when you go to play your music you will see...

That you are air playing your tunes to your bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is advertised to be "CD quality," and I would say for not having a wire, the quality is pretty great. Everything is really clear, and when your playing some ball and turn the volume all the way up you really feel like a super-star.

Along with the headphones they give you a cord to charge them with. One end plugs into a USB port and the second end plugs in...

the bottom of the headphone. Along with that port for charging, is the mic, which you can use for calling and even voice commands.

So in the end, this is one of my favorite products ever! I have to be honest that these aren't actually mine, but rather my Dad's but I think I use them just as much as him. They work just as advertised. And although the bluetooth isn't that great, it does the job. Isn't that  all we should expect from a product?


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