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I have been thinking...

This is I have been thinking 2.0! Last week on I have been thinking I talked about the relationship between age, creativity, and the ability to create good business models.

This week I am going to build off a concept that was brought to my attention by myself, and a friend from Tennessee who was over for the weekend.

The "talk of the town" these days in politics is all about how to cut the deficit and balance the budget. Now I myself am guilty of not completely knowing what that means. So here is the basic definition of those key phrases.

Cutting the deficit - the difference between money spent and money taken in by federal government.

Balancing the budget - to make sure what is spent is equal to or less than what is bought.

Now after I figured out what those things meant, I decided to think about what the U.S. government could stop spending money on.

The first thing that came to mind was the Postal Service. Now before I begin i don't want to be portrayed as a radical, I am merely a rising ninth grader, trying my hand at solving some problems. So...

Some Stats...

The postal service is losing 25 million dollars a day. That's $289.35 every second.

When I wrote this post the average debt for a U.S. citizen was $50,376.

In 2010 the postal service lost 8.5 billion dollars.

The U.S. Postal service lost 2.2 billion dollars last quarter.

Simply cutting Saturday delivery would save 2 billion dollars a year.

So let's say we wanted to destroy the U.S. postal service. We would have to be sure that everything that is print could be done over electronic mail services.

In the mail most people get bills, catalogs, advertisements, magazines, and then packages.

Bills can be electronic, catalogs can be electronic, ads can be electronic, magazines can be delivered electronically, and packages don't have to be handled by the postal service, i.e. UPS, DHL, etc.

From that we can say that the U.S. Postal service is unnecessary. But in my opinion we can take this one step further.

If we stop using the U.S. Postal service we will save an average of 14 billions dollars a year according to the fact that abolishing Saturday delivery would save 2 billion dollars.

We would also save $289.35 every second. If we took that money and tried to distribute it to people in debt we could solve a persons "debt crisis" every 3 minutes. Pretty good eh?

"Maybe I'm crazy, but at least I'm thinking."

You can quote me.


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