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Interview with Maykel Loomans(@miekd)...

Another awesome post today. Maykel Loomans is a UI designer at instagram. I actually discovered Maykel on his site, which is one of my favorite looking websites. Enjoy the interview...

Q. What is, in your mind, "great design"?

A. As the great Dieter Rams once said: "Great design is as little design as possible." It's thinking and re-thinking every part of the concept, the function, the aesthetic and the interaction. Great design is when you can notice that every single decision was made with meticulous consideration

Q.  What is it like working at instagram?

A. Working at Instagram is great. We have a small, very talented team that works their respective asses off. The way I have been describing it ever since I moved to San Francisco to work on-site is: with the effort we put in and the hours we make, I have never been as invigorated and productive in my life as I am now.

Q. What type of computer do you use and why?

A. For personal use I have a 13" Macbook Air, which is the best machine I have ever used. It's super portable and can definitely hold it's own performance wise when it comes to most design and development. At the office I use a 15" Macbook Pro. Especially the graphics card and the extra RAM make this thing perform like a beast. The Air I'll take with me whenever, the Pro I only take along when I am a hundred percent sure I want to do work.

Q. If you could have one do over in your life, what would you use it on?

A. I'd start being more active on the web at an earlier age. When I was twelve, I built my first Geocities page and within the year I stopped actively working on it. In the half a decade after I was always doing 'design stuff', but never in a structured way and never with any real purpose. Standards-based web design kept on popping up around me; a friend always showed off his W3C badges and praised getting stuff validated, my neighbor built websites on the side and showed me CSS for the first time. It only struck me when I was around eighteen and I spent nights on IM talking standards-based web design and related subjects with a classmate, who in turn became a good friend. And even after that it took me well over a year to really jump on it.

Q. What is your dream car?

A. Technically, I don't have a dream car. There are a bunch of interesting cars that I like for very different reasons. The one that has popped out for me the most, though is a yellow Lotus Elise or Exige with black rims. It's a ridiculous car, as it's totally impractical and the ride itself is far from comfortable, unless it's on perfect asphalt. The reason I love them is the fact that they are built with the focus of acceleration and handling, yet with the constraints of pretty normal engine parts.

Here is what I created for it here.

Thanks Maykel,