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Interview with Noah Stokes(@motherfuton)...

Nothing like waking up to a new interview. Today on insta5 I have the co-founder of Bold, a design and web development studio. I came across Bold while I was looking for sites that would influence my new Bold's site is clean and simple, just how I like it. So here is my interview with Noah Stokes of Bold.

Q. How/why/when did you get into design?

A. I got into design around 2002. I was working as an engineer at Apple but wasn't happy with my job. Web design was really beginning to blossom right around this time and the community was bursting with new techniques and layouts almost daily. There used to be a site called Stylegala that would feature new designs and it was there that I discovered a site called Just Watch The Sky designed by Ryan Sims. I fell in love with every last detail. The problem was, I was horrible at design. I mean, I'm coming from an engineering background. It's been a long road of trial and error, but I'm still striving today to create a design as epic as the one Ryan did all those years ago.

Q. What computer/phone do you use and why?

A. I use a Macbook Pro. I've been using Apple's since the Apple II. I take that back, I did branch out to a PowerComputing clone back in college for a bit. My current Mac is loaded with a solid state drive that makes it scream! I keep it lid closed and hooked up to a 30" Apple Cinema Display. My phone is a white iPhone 4s. Before that it was the original iPhone, 4GB model. Quite an upgrade.

Q. How/why/when was Bold founded?

A. Bold was founded late 2010. It came about as a partnership between myself, Garrett St. John and Chris Bowler. Garrett and I had been working freelance for a few years and had several shared projects. It made sense for us to partner up to prioritize our time and better serve our clients. Bringing Chris on was part of a purchase agreement where Bold bought Fusion Ads. We ran with that for a bit and ended up parting ways with both Chris and Fusion Ads, leaving things back to just Garrett and I. We've since added Sam Hernandez and Charlie Pratt to the team and have been cranking out solid, customer focused work since.

Q. Are you excited to speak at Industry Conf? Can you give us a preview of somethings you are going to speak on?

A. Yes, I'm very excited to speak at Industry Conf. Gavin is putting together something really special. I'll be talking about my story, some of what I've addressed here. How I got from point A to now. I've got a bit of an up and down story, but overall I hope that it brings about a bit of encouragement for others thinking about going out on their own, exploring their own potential and seeing what and where the world brings them.

Q. What in your opinion is the future of design?

A. I wouldn't be confident enough to predict the future of design, but I can tell you what I'd like to see. I'd like to see more user focused design, more restraint – removing every possible bit of cruft but still have the design work. I'm not saying calling to abandon details, I love details. It's easy to over design something, the real challenge is the opposite. Look at the new Rdio app, maybe that's the future of design.

I really loved talking to Noah and I also really wish I could go to Industry Conf to hear him speak. Here is the desktop wallpaper I designed for Noah. Buy it here.

Thanks Noah,