Interview with Jacob Cass(@justcreative)...

Another great one!

Today's five questions is with the fantastic Jacob Cass. Jacob is the founder of Just Creative, and is a seriously talented graphic designer. I was so happy when Jacob said he would do an interview with me as I am a huge fan of his work.

Q. How/why/when did you get into design?

A. I first started getting into design during high school, when I ran a website that hosted party photos (before MySpace or Facebook) and from there it turned into a hobby, then people started asking me to design for them and it went from there. I got my degree in Visual Communication and then moved over to NYC from Australia.

Q. What computer and phone do you use and why?

A. I use a Mac 27" at work and at home, a MacBook Pro 17" Laptop attached to a 27" display. I also use a MacAir for when I want to travel light. I use an iPhone for my calls. 

Q. Why/when/how was Logo Of The Day started? How could I get my logo on LOTD?

A. Logo Of The Day was started as a way to showcase and celebrate great logo & identity design across the world. It showcases one logo a day, which is then rated by others. You can submit a logo for consideration here:

Q. If you could redo one thing in your life what would it be?

A. I'd start to learn about design earlier than I started.

Q. What do you think of the Surface Tablet?

A. I like the simple, colorful UI however as I haven't had a enough time using it I can't really give an honest critique. 

For Jacob's wallpaper I wanted to focus on his company and the really great name. Purchase this wallpaper here.

Thanks Jacob,