PANDA Sunglasses Update...

I wanted to fire off a quick post today, to update all of you on my PANDA sunglasses situation. As you all know I got a pair of these sunglasses after backing the project on Kickstarter. Although they did break very easily I did love the glasses.

Now a couple of days ago I got an email from Vincent Ko, founder of PANDA:

First things first...

I give major props to Vincent for doing this. In my opinion this is how you should run a company. I was very impressed that Vincent reached out to me and said I could get a replacement pair.

Now I will add, that I have received my new pair and they have definitely improved from the sunglasses I got after the project got funded. I will have a review coming out soon.

To conclude this is why I love this company. They had a great idea for a product, made it, and are improving it every day.

Well done Vincent!