Interview with Visual Idiot(@idiot)...

Today we have an interview with a famous designer, Visual Idiot. Don't be fooled by his sweet name, this guy is a genius when it comes to design, technology, the web, and basically anything else. His blog is one of my favorites and all of you should check it out!

Q. How/why/when did you get into web design?

A. Curiosity. I've always wondered how and why things worked, and websites was just one of them. I started off playing around in FrontPage (I don't any more, thankfully), and it just snowballed from there. Now I get paid to Photoshop things. It's pretty darned good.

Q. Why Visual Idiot as your website name?

A. It was originally going to be a CSS gallery for ugly sites, but I ended up using it for myself instead. Works nicely, since you remembered it!

Q. What computer do you use and why?

A. Started off using a Packard Bell Legend 1510, but I've moved on to an iMac and a MacBook Air, not that I'm an Apple fanboy or anything. I just prefer the aesthetic of Apple computers. That said, though, Windows 8's Metro (or whatever they have to call it now) looks nice.

Q. As a web designer, and a Brit, what do you think of the London Olympics website?

A. It's alright. I prefer Team GB's site, though, it's beautiful:

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. Millwire (, awesome themes for Anchor CMS and WordPress), (, social profiling), and a bunch more cool things with Codin’ Co. ( And, of course, Photoshopped animal heads.

Here is the desktop wallpaper I designed for the Visual Idiot. Click the image to buy it.