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Interview with Gary Bury(@mediaburst)...

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Gary Bury is the CE) at Mediaburst, and in turn is the creator of Friday's sponsor, Timetastic. Mediaburst is a company that creates products that enhance business's ability to use text messaging to it's advantage. Gary was kind enough to answer some questions for me about Mediaburst and snowboarding!

Q. How/why/when was Timetastic founded?

A. Timetastic is brand new! We launched the beta on 1st July. When I was brought into mediaburst I was amazed at how complex it was to take a day off, and how much paperwork and palaver it involved. What with computers, phones, apps, there simply had to be a better way. It’s not rocket science in any way, it’s very simple app that improves on a system used by just about every business. You load up your staff and give them an annual allowance, they request time off using a web form or mobile app, the boss gets and email and he can click in the email to approve or decline it. Everything is recorded and no trees are hurt in the process.

Q. What computer/phone do you use and why?

A. I have a bog standard every day desktop PC. It does what I need, I have minor frustrations with windows and Microsoft but I suspect I’d have similar issues with Apple products. If  it wasn’t for iTunes I’d probably be more inclined to get a Mac. iTunes is such a bad advert for Apple. I also have an iPhone 4s and iPad 1. Both are heavily used and cherished. I think the iPhone interface looks dated compared to Windows Phone, but not so much that it makes me want to consider changing. I’ve had an iPhone from the first incarnation, I guess I’m hooked.

Q. Where do you like to snowboard? What board do you use?

A. I’m currently riding a 155 Burton Fix with mission bindings. I love the board, but am not so keen on the bindings. I live very close to an indoor slope Chill Factore in Manchester so that’s my main haunt, but I also manage to get away to the mountains each year, usually France. I’ve been riding for a long time now and age and a sense of wellbeing is getting the better of me. Jumps don’t phase me, but rails hurt. I’ve broke my ribs twice in the last year.

Q. How/why/when was Mediaburst founded?

A. It was founded in 2000 primarily as a text message business. Our core is providing text message apps to businesses so they can stay in touch with their clients via SMS. Aside from a couple of shaky years around 2005 it’s been all growth and good fun, we genuinely have a great place to work and all get on well, I think it makes a massive difference to the success of a business.

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. We’re in the process of rebranding our main apps. We’ve run a text message API for years with no real branding. We’re due to launch in about 4 weeks here Textburst is also getting a makeover but nothing as drastic as the robots on Clockwork.

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Thanks Gary, and thanks CSS Piffle.


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