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Interview with Benjamin De Cock(@bdc)...

Benjamin De Cock is a software designer of epic proportions. Not only can Ben create beautiful software, he also has made some of the coolest websites I have seen. From his website, to even the site for his vCard, Ben is truly a tech wiz.

Q. How/why/when did you get into design?

A. I started designing websites like, I guess, everyone else. About 3 years ago, a client I was working for asked me if I also wanted to design their actual app and if I was comfortable with user interface design. I had zero experience in UI/UX design but I was super excited about it so I took the plunge! Since then, I haven't accepted any web design projects and I've immediately found my way with software and, later, icon design.

Q. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

A. I'm kind of happy I've been following my dream to stay freelance and independent. Honestly, it's far from being easy. You often feel alone (especially in Belgium) and desperate for your products that aren't taking off overnight to succeed. In that respect, it's sometimes hard to keep faith when you get shiny opportunities to work for great companies and to relocate to California. It's probably not a huge step for humanity but let's say it's still a small personal accomplishment I'm happy with :)

Q. What computer do you use and why?

A. I used to be an iMac guy but I recently switched to a MacBook Air 11" (I wrote a quick post about this choice a few months ago) and an Apple Thunderbolt Display 27". I'm super happy with this setup, it's a gorgeous laptop and it's fast enough for my needs. I'll probably buy a Retina laptop when smaller models show up as I really don't want a 15".

Q. If you could work for one company what would it be?

A. My own company, definitely. I hope I'll be able to build something successful enough so I can focus exclusively on it. I have always felt I should be an entrepreneur.

Q. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. Kickoff 2 for Mac, which has been a huge undertaking (we're currently sending the very first invites to the beta as we speak), and Kickoff 2 for iPhone. I'll also keep creating new stuff and tweaking Stripe. I love doing many iterations to constantly improve a product overtime and I'm glad I can do just that on both Kickoff and Stripe :)

Wow! Ben can do it all: web design, software design, UI/UX design, he is truly the full design package. Here is the desktop background I designed for Ben. Click the image to buy it.

Thanks Ben,


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