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Interview with Andy Budd(@andybudd)...

Andy Budd is a designer and web developer with some serious talent, not only that but he is also an accomplished author. He sold over 600,00 copies of his book CSS Mastery. Here is our interview...

Q. How did you get into design?

A. I discovered the web while backpacking around Asia in the mid 90s and was immediately hooked. When I settled back home I got a cheap computer and a cover disk of Photoshop 5 and taught myself design from scratch. I was pretty bad back then, but thankfully so was the rest of the web. However I kept at it and got to a point where I was able to start making a living.

Q. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

A. I think setting up a company like Clearleft and seeing all the amazing talent and work thats come out of it has been by far my biggest achievement.

Q. When I say taco what is the first thing that comes to mind?

A. Fish.

Q. What phone/computer do you use and why?

A. This feels like a leading question but as a long term Mac user I'm Apple all the way. So I've got an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac at work, a Macbook Air for travel and an Apple monitor to hook it up to at home.

Q. If you could design one thing for Apple, what would it be and why?

A. iTunes needs a serous overhaul and should probably be split into multiple different products. iCloud/MobileMe has always been terrible and continues to be a major let down. While Apple TV has only ever been half a product. So I'd love to bet my hands on any of these products and do them properly.

Thanks so much Andy! Click the image to buy Andy's awesome desktop background.




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