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Microsoft. A company whose name is synonymous with computers and technology. Throughout it's years, Microsoft has had many different styles, and has gone through a lot of phases.

At it's beginning Microsoft, as you can see, was influenced by the disco age.

Unlike all logos to come this starter image separated the "micro" from the "soft." No color, no motto, the logo was clean and focused on the font and the name.

As the company grew and gained more respect they updated to a more conservative logo.

In my opinion Microsoft made a mistake with this logo. It is very boring. No color, plain font. The only sign of any pizazz is the first "O." This little thing was called blibbet. Seriously? Blibbet? If I were calling something a blibbet I would want it to be colorful and crazy. Not black and plain.

The next years were dominated by a logo that was still in use until yesterday.

This logo, for me was the beginning of Microsoft finding it's niche in the design side of technology. I love the simplicity of it, and the slash between the "o" and "s" is very clean and sharp. The one thing I would change about it would to make it a shade of grey not just straight black.

But yesterday Microsoft finally went in a new direction, finally tried to go their own way.

This to me is a great logo. It is clean, it has personality and color, and I like the fact that it has an icon. I also like the meaning behind the squares(each one represents a product.) Now obviously it is no Apple logo, but I do believe that Mircosoft is saying, "not only can we make software, and even hardware, we can design well too."

Now if they could only make their stores better.

Well we will just have to wait.


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