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Interview with Eric Savitz(@savitz)


Today we have five questions with yet another web-blogger celebrity! Eric Savitz is a tech blogger for, and has worked at another famous web publication Barron's. Eric has written about numerous key events in the history of this booming industry and was a dream to talk to!

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What is it like working for Forbes?

Forbes is a fascinating place to work right now. Over the last two years, the magazine and the Web site have gone through a tremendous period of change, with new editors, a new CEO, a magazine redesign and a wholesale overhaul of We have a relatively small but highly skilled editorial team; over the last two years we have layered on top a significant number of outside contributors who produce content for our site. We now generate literally 100s of new posts every day; traffic has been setting new records in each of the last several months.

Beyond that, Forbes right now is on top of some of key business trends that matter the most - entrepreneurship, the startup culture, technology and wealth creation. We draw a huge audience for things like our Forbes 400 and Midas Lists. Forbes is a brand that is known around the world, and we're making both the magazine and the Web site better every day.

As a tech blogger for a large corporation what respect do you have for independent bloggers like John Gruber?

Well, for starters, Forbes is not a large corporation; there are a few hundred people and no more. The brand hits above its weight, you might say. I've worked at a large corporation; before I joined Forbes in late 2010, I was writing for Barron's, which is owned by Dow Jones, which in turn is part of News Corp. Now THAT's a large corporation.

In any case, I have tremendous respect for independent bloggers like Gruber. Whether you blog for Forbes, or Barron's or TechCrunch, or if you write your own blog, the challenges ar basically the same. You have to maintain your credibility, and you need to build and audience. If you produce good material, solo bloggers can generate plenty of traffic. The hard part is building a business around those blogs. The bottom line is that I have respect for anyone who can reliably provide new information and perspective to important topics. Whether they work at a large company or one-man proprietorship, at the end of the day, the story is the same. Content is king.

What computer/phone do you use and why?

Well, for work I use a MacBook Pro, which I love, though it sure is heavy. I pressured my IT staff to get a Mac, after some frustrating experiences with company-issued Dells. At home we have a ton of devices: a pair of iMacs, an Air, an iPad and various other gadgets and gizmos. Oh, and I carry an iPhone 4. In part my decision to use Apple products reflects a personal preference; but I also consider it important to be familiar with Apple products given how much I write about them.

What is your prediction for the iPhone 5? Features? Design?

I can only tell you what I hear through the grapevine: a larger, thinner screen; faster processor; maybe some NFC capability, though possibly not yet. New bottom connector. Better iCloud integration.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More blog posts, more Forbes stories, more tuition checks to get my kids through college, and more rooting for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

I am slowly but surly interviewing all of my favorite bloggers. Thanks so much for the help Eric. Here is the desktop wallpaper I made for Mr. Savitz, click the image to buy it

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