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The Apple Effect

Yesterday was a huge day for the world. At 1:00 EST Apple presented its latest creations. In center stage was the iPhone 5.

This new phone is outstanding in every way possible. From the new screen, to the new design, to the revolutionary innards, this iPhone has once again shown that Apple is on top and will not be broken for a long time. 

But one thing that I have noticed after past announcements and once again saw here was what I like to call the "Apple Effect." 

This "law of technology" states that the current breakthroughs and new features that have come into the tech world are meaningless and in some ways, inadequate , until Apple uses this idea.

The second half states that Apple will not use this new feature until they need to, or think they can do it better than anyone else.

Let's take 4G LTE for an example.

I remember the first time I saw this commercial for Verizon's 4G LTE. I didn't really think twice about it. In fact the only thing I thought about was: "this person is from the 60s, so why is he discovering 4G?" 

In fact I never even thought about the need for 4G when Android phones and other companies started using it.

The only time I  stopped to think and learn about this product was when Phil Schiller told me that the new iPhone had it and was using it like no one else. 

This is the Apple effect. This is why Apple is in command. They make you believe that their products are revolutionary even when they weren't the first. Now don't get me wrong, Apple is probably one of the smartest and most creative companies in the history of the world, but they have a way of doing things that makes you think: "why do I want this product, even though there is something similar to it on the market already?"

Why? Because Apple rocks the house and has "the effect", the "x factor" if you wish.

This effect holds true for the iPod. Apple created the best music player in the world when they came out with the first iPod. You couldn't call this generation  an "MP3 player" with a straight face. Apple has successfully created one of the smallest computers in the world, and it comes in different colors.


Apple for a while stood for black, white, and silver. They banished color from their "important products." So why aren't we saying that these colors are gross and that they compromise the design of the device?

The Apple effect. Because TIm Cook and Johnny Ive told us it was cool and that is all that matters.

Apple has the ability to make a game changer out of nothing.

If any other company put a wrist band on their product I would say: "stop ripping off the Wii and come up with an actually solid idea already."

But for some reason, I want to feel this band I want to use it. I don't know why but then I do.

The Apple effect.

To conclude...

Never mind. I think you get my point.