This is! Founded by David Silverman, this site is mainly dedicated to interviewing the best and brightest of the technology world. However, this site often veers from its intended purpose to discuss everything from basketball to rap music. Enjoy!

The switch

Much like Apple likes to revamp and redo their product, I love to recreate my blog. This is the latest version of 

As you can see the site has been completely stripped down from its previous "clothing." 

Starting from the top...

We have a beautiful ad-spot created and provided by InfluAds. InfluAds was kind enough to accept me into their group of advertisers. As you can see the ad switches every time you reload the page or go to another page on the site.

Moving down we have the instantbight logo and all of the pages on the site. The home page is the blog, the list, about page and contact. From there the new site is self explanatory and beautifully simple.

My decision to switch from WordPress to Squarespace was initiated by the need to add InfluAds to my site, but after starting to try to move the site I saw that there were a lot of things that I didn't like about WordPress.

To start with the basics...

Although WordPress offers a ton of themes probably 75% are very poorly designed and/or aren't very practical or customizable. Squarespace on the other hand has a small amount of themes that are all beautiful and insanely customizable. In some ways this reminds me of how Apple has a small product line of outstanding products while Samsung has a large line of "eh" products.

A little more complicated...

WordPress is a very controlling software. When i tried to move my blog and domain to point to Squarespace it felt as though I was in a death grip, if I moved everything would fall apart.

But it is over now.

All is good.


David Silverman