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A Halloween Tribute

This year for Halloween I dressed up as Steve Jobs. I needed a costume last minute to wear to school and tonight and decided to use this opportunity to pay tribute to one of the most influential people in my short life. 

While weaving my way through the clothing aisles at Walmart I felt a certain wave of emotion come over me. This small gesture of remembrance was actually having an effect on me. As I completed my purchase of: a women's turtle neck(only one I could find), and a 10$ pair of running shoes that looked like Steve's 993s, totaling 16$ I became more and more in love with my costume and the way I felt remembering Steve. This was not a joke, but a true sign of respect for a great man.

I think it is important to remember people in everyday life; don't be held to the anniversary of their death or any special occasion. Be able to live with their absence but not life in ignorance of who they were.

So with that I wish you, Steve, a Happy Halloween!

David Silverman