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Apple is not done being Apple

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle, was asked about his view on Apple and its future. Ellison said that Apple is likely to decline without Steve at the helm.

Ellison tried to smooth over his remark by following with, "Okay, okay, I'll say it publicly. He's irreplaceable. ... They will not be nearly so successful because he's gone."

Here Larry Ellison is expressing the thoughts that have been floating around about Apple since the day Steve Jobs passed. Apple is weak without Jobs. They no longer have a visionary, they can't innovate, they are on a downward spiral. 

I beg to differ. In my opinion Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs but what people neglect to remember is that Steve Jobs is still at Apple. Let me explain. 

Steve Jobs has been divided into two parts at Apple. The passion and soul, and the leader and natural business man.

Who is the soul? 

Johnny Ive. In this article written after Steve Jobs' death, Steve was quoted as saying that Ive was his "spiritual partner at Apple." These two men were linked at the heart, they breathed the same way, and had the same same vision. Steve Jobs left Johnny Ive so much power at Apple that to say that the company is lacking a visionary is absurd. 

Who is the leader? 

Tim Cook.  In another article a quote from Steve truly shows his connection with Tim.

“I knew what I wanted and I met Tim, and he wanted the same thing,” Jobs said.

Coming from the go-maniac, genius that was Steve Jobs, this is the highest of compliments that show the trust this man had in his successor. Tim Cook has kept the business side of Apple moving along beautifully so that the soul of Jobs in Johnny Ive can continue to inspire and innovate.  


This leads me to say... Apple is not done being Apple.  

John Gruber of Daring Fireball recently wrote a post on what he calls the iPhone 5C or the highly speculated lower-priced iPhone.  I really enjoyed the post and John started touching on what I am saying here. He wrote:

"The 5C is not about selling a piece of junk to some sort of unwashed masses,"

Apple would never make a product that sole purpose was to be cheap.  That ruins the magic that Ive and Cook believe in, the magic that Steve created in his greatest accomplishment: Apple. 

Tim Cook and Johnny Ive are not giving up or even thinking about it. They hear the voices of people like Larry Ellison loud and clear and are getting ready to show them up. Trust me Apple is not done doing what they do best. Making magic. People may think the iPhone 5C is just going to be plastic or whatever, but when Tim Cook takes the stage, and Ive is decked out in a grey t-shirt in the video, they will see what Steve created a duo that can lead Apple to new heights.

David Silverman