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Apple's social network...

As you might have read in my post a couple days ago, on the twelfth, Apple announced a whole new line of products, a new iTunes, and more. But one thing that I think people overlooked was a feature in iOS 6 that Apple told us about.

This new feature is an evolution of Photo Stream, called Shared Photo Streams.

This new feature allows an iOS user to subscribe to their friends Photo Streams, so that they get there friends photos on their device, you can also like an image(completely disconnected from Facebook), and you can comment on a photo.

This may fly over people's head like nothing big, but to me this is Apple introducing it's real social network. The reason i say real instead of first is Ping. You remember ping right? The stupid little network on iTunes that allowed you to share what songs you like? Well it was basically a bad version of Spotify. This is a real social network.

You can even view your photos online. Interesting...

Now you could make a pretty good case that says "well this is just Instagram without effects." I would say you are right. But the fact is this is an exclusive network, a club to those who have an iOS device and that's it. That exclusivity, could make people feel safe with their content and it would drive them to send more. Now I don't know Apple's plan for this "little feature," but if you ask me folks, Facebook better watch it's back. Who knows maybe all the discussion about an iPad mini is right, but maybe what people should be talking about is the fact that Apple is social and is ready to rumble.


David Silverman