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Interview with Ben Howdle(@benhowdle)

Today's interview is with Ben Howdle. Ben is a designer, developer mastermind responsible for such projects as: Musings, SVGeezy,, and my personal favorite Upfront Podcast.

Also, Ben works at KashFlow, an accounting software company.

I am so happy he decided to answer some of my questions. I really love Upfront Podcast, and maybe someday I will get on that amazing show.

How did you get into design and developing?

Working as an IT Admin in an office, I was asked to have a look at creating an internal tool for stock control, so I asked around and had a Google around and words like PHP and MySQL kept popping up. So I sat on W3Schools and Nettuts for about 3 or so months just absorbing all I could, I liked it so much that I started exploring more and experimenting with code and projects outside of work. After 18 or so months of doing websites for family and friends, I was lucky enough to get my first proper web development job!

What is your favorite project you are working on now?

Not surprising, it's the application I'm building at KashFlow (my employer), which means I'm getting to use Backbone.js every day. Using such a modern paradigm of web application building in a real world system (with thousands of users) is exciting, daunting and enthralling all at the same time.

What is your favorite animal(fictional or real)?

Not really a pet kinda guy so it's gotta be something from a TV show or a film....erm, Top Cat - can't really think of a reason against picking him.

The future of the internet is___________? Finish the sentence.

The gap between server and client tightening and the separation gradually fading away. I've been recently using MeteorJS which allows you to write JavaScript on the server and client as well as execute database operations with your JS. It also sends a clone of the database to the browser for your JavaScript to interact with, which makes the app you're building feel instant and snappy. I'm hedging my bets on this methodology and picking it up now while it's still in it's infancy. 

What can we expect from you in the future?

Hopefully: public speaking, books, learning resources and more of what I do now; side projects. The ultimate aim is to have the freedom to pick and choose projects I create or get involved with. 

David Silverman