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Interview with Dan Seifert(@dcseifert)

Basketball tryouts all this week. Fun stuff.

Today's interview is with Dan Seifert. According to the Verge:, Dan:

brings a passion for technology wherever he goes, whether its for mobile devices, cameras, or pretty much anything that requires electricity. Fortunately, his awesome wife supports him and his incessant obsession with tech, allowing him to pursue a career where all he does is talk about and debate the latest and greatest stuff to hit shelves. Formerly the Editor-in-Chief of, Dan has an extensive background covering the mobile technology world, but he isn't shy to tell you what he thinks about other areas of the tech sphere. When he isn't dwelling on the latest tech news, you can usually find Dan choking down far too much coffee than one person should consume in a given day. He also has an unhealthy obsession with computer and photography bag.

What is it like working at the Verge?

 Working at The Verge is a really great experience. Frankly, any job where I can share my love of technology with other people is going to be pretty great, but it's also been great to be able to work with a ton of really smart people that are at the top of their game in this industry. It's also a different thing every day, so it never gets stale. We're still figuring things out, but so far, we've had the ability to implement many cool and fresh ideas, and present some really awesome coverage of technology and culture.

How did you get into writing?

It's funny you ask this, because if you had asked my high school self the same question, I probably never would have said that I would be writing professionally now. Writing was never something I enjoyed while in school, but when I'm able to write about something I love, it's a totally different experience. I didn't major in English or a writing curriculum while in school — at the time I thought I would be an engineer, so my classes focused on that — but since then I've really grown fond of writing and expressing my thoughts through the written word. I toiled around in various jobs tangentially related to technology for a few years after college, until I had the opportunity to write about phones and the mobile industry for a few years ago. Then the opportunity came along to work with the team at The Verge, and well, here I am.

What does your workspace look like?

A perpetual mess. That might not be completely accurate, but keeping a clean workspace is a continuous struggle for me. Most days I work from my home office, which has a basic desk and some small furniture that I can use when photographing review devices. I currently use a MacBook Air plugged into a generic 23-inch monitor while at my desk, and there is always a smattering of smartphones and tablets within an arm's reach. Once I can convince my wife that a standing desk is something beyond a "flavor of the week," I hope to upgrade my standard sitting desk.

Twitter or

Twitter for me. I never really gave a try, but for my purposes, Twitter seems to work well. And you know, I didn't have to pay for it. That has to count for something, right?

What can we expect from you in the future?

We just wrapped our first year at The Verge, and we did some really great things that we are really proud of. But it was really just the beginning. We've got a lot of cool ideas and interesting things planned for the next year, so stay tuned. :)

Pretty great I know!

Here is the desktop background I designed for Dan.

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