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Interview with Dave Pell(@davepell)

Well we are passed 100!

Today's interview is with Dave Pell. Dave is the founder of Next Draft, an iOS app and newsletter that features the best articles on the web per day. Dave also writes on Tweetage Wasteland, an amazing blog. It was great to talk to Dave, a fellow blogger!

How/why/when was Next Draft founded?

During the first boom, I wrote a newsletter that covered the top tech stories of the day. When the bust hit, I was basically writing an obituary column. So I decided to expand and cover all news (my passion) and NextDraft was born. That was several years ago. Last year, a friend suggested that I bring back the NextDraft newsletter. I was dubious that anyone needed yet another news source in the Twitter age. But I gave it try because it's always been my favorite thing to do on the Internet. It turns out that people, now more than ever, need a good, concise, overview of the day's news. There's too much out there. It's overwhelming. People need some sick news addict who they can trust to open up 100 browser tabs and get to work finding the best stuff. I'm that guy.

Why should I read Next Draft and not another news blog or forum?

Short answer: Me. Longer answer: NextDraft is a personality-driven publication that comes from one person. In the latest phase of the Internet, you can see that people are starting to depend on people again. Algorithms and computer bots don't have all the answers. We're even seeing an increase in the number of travel agents these days. Having two million travel sites doesn't make travel planning any easier. I think Web 3.0 will be the era when humans strike back, and NextDraft is part of that trend.

What does your workspace look like?

Dark, bleak, cold, empty. I walk in and I don't turn the lights on or take my off jacket off until NextDraft is done. There is a Macbook Air plugged into a large monitor and a keyboard that is slightly older than you.

You are trapped at sea and can only have one thing, what would it be?

I am a lifelong hypochondriac, so that's the easiest question for me to answer: Dramamine (or some other sea sickness medication).

What can we expect from you in the future?

In the past, I've had several brands on the Internet. In the future, my focus will be on one: NextDraft.

At least as long as news keeps happening.

I really enjoyed speaking with Dave, and am now a true Next Draft-ite. Here is the desktop Background I designed for Dave. Click the image to buy it.

David Silverman