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Interview with Edial Dekker(@edial)

Watched Tim Cook on Rock Center. He is so cool.

Today's interview is with Edial Dekker, a young entrepreneur and founder of Gidsy. Gidsy is a social service that allows anyone to create and participate in events all around the world.

How/why/when was Gidsy founded?

Gidsy was founded in November last year. We are three co-founders; Floris (my brother), Philipp and myself. We were living in a Berlin for a while, and found it really difficult to find exciting things to do, that were outside the normal 'scope' of activities like bus tours, 30 person walking tours and other 'mass' tourism activities. When we were looking for someone who could take us unto nature to find edible mushrooms one weekend, we realized how difficult it is for people to share their knowledge, passion and skills with others. Bringing people together who can share their passion, knowledge and ideas with people who're looking for things to do, became an became

What is it like working at Gidsy?

We have a large loft space in the heart of Kreuzberg, a very nice neighborhood in Berlin. It's very light and there's a lot of nice food places around here. But the best thing about working at Gidsy, must be the people. We have more than 6 nationalities, and everyone is super passionate about what he/she is doing. On Tuesday's, we have Deutscher Dienstag, which means everyone has to speak German during launch. And on Friday, we have Hip-Hop-Friday, which means the office play list can only contain hip-hop songs.

What does your workspace look like?

Very spacious and light. It is a loft space on the 5th floor. It is full of design objects, and old DDR lamps. Many different kind of friends have helped us with the things that are here, and most things are used items. Either used, or we designed them ourselves. TheNextWeb actually named is the #1 office space in Berlin the other day.

What is your greatest fear?

My biggest fear is that I would get old and cynical and afraid of change. 

What can we expect from you and Gidsy in the future?

We're just at the start of many things with Gidsy. We're growing really fast, and we're figuring out things in a really rapid pace. In the upcoming years, Gidsy will become something that is hopefully much bigger than us, the people making Gidsy. We believe Gidsy can really create a new economy, one that is different form how the travel & leisure industry looks like now. An economy, where learning, curiosity, transparency and sustainability are the most important values. 

Our goal, is to become the number one place for people who're interested in meeting new people and want to do unique tours, workshops and activities.

Here is the desktop background I designed for Edial.

David Silverman