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Interview with Gabriel Valdivia(@gabrielvaldivia)

Lebron and The Land can celebrate, finally! Congratulations to the King himself on another NBA ring.

After many failed Skype meetings, I finally got in touch with one of the coolest people I have interviewed on

I had just finished watching the Cavs top the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Still feeling the excitement of the fantastic win, I checked my inbox and found:

I put my hair up, grabbed some ice tea, and called Gabriel to ask him some questions! In this special Father's Day interview, Gabriel and I covered everything from "Zuck Reviews," to fatherly advice, to the true meaning of "good design."

Gabriel is currently working at Facebook on the virtual reality team, and is a talented designer and musician!

I apologize that the recording started a little bit late! The start of the interview is Gabriel answering the introductory question: How did you get into design?


Shoot! You don't have the time to listen to the whole interview right now but can't bear to wait until you can? Here are a few excerpts of the highlights of my interview with Gabriel. However, truthfully, the entire interview was a highlight so I encourage you to listen to it in full.

What was your first job all together?

...a waiter in a small restaurant. Like a restaurant where each plate, full meal, was like ten bucks. It was super cheap and was really hard to get significant tips...

How do you like working at Facebook?

I like it a lot!...I've found that I have learned a ton and there's a lot of different problems to solve there, so in the two and a half years that I have been there, I have been working on a bunch of different teams...

Do you get any face to face time with Mark Zuckerberg?

...we call them "Zuck reviews"... 

Father's Day Surprise: What is the most important thing your dad has taught you?

...the importance of perspective. In a large sense that means looking at a problem or situation in the context of past, present or future...perspective, and the empathy of considering the context of a situation...

Is English your first language?


What is good design?

...long-lasting. More timeless than time-full...great design is relevant throughout time. For example, I love New York influences the language in which we describe design...

If you could talk to your seventeen-year-old self, what would you say to him?'re not going to be a rockstar...

Links mentioned:

Nielsen Norman Group: UX Training, Consulting, & Research

That's all I'm going to give you folks. I really encourage you to listen to the full interview and Gabriel's amazing and insightful answers to my questions.

I would like to thank Mr. Valdivia for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me and entertain my love of talking to new people and discussing design and technology!

And lastly, to all the father's possibly reading, and especially to my own dad: Happy Father's Day!

David Silverman