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Interview with Jeet Banerjee(@TheJeetBanerjee)

Happy Columbus Day, or day after Columbus Day!

I love it when I find people to interview that are young, or younger. Jeet Banerjee is just that. He's 19 years old and is proud of it. He is on his way to making his own in the tech world after just under two decades.

How/why/when did you start take thinking about the real world/entrepreneurially?

When I was 17 years old, I was working as an assistant for my father’s company. While it was great that I could make some pocket money to buy the things I wanted, I hated that job a lot. Instead of suffering through it, I decided to unleash my creativity and create my own business.

My own business allowed me to work the way I wanted while I was able to make the money I needed. Once I started my first company at the age of 17 (JB Media Force), I really never had to look back. From there, I really found what I loved to do and created numerous businesses since then.

What in your opinion is the key to success in this day in age?

I don’t think there is one secret to success in this day in age. I think it’s a combination of multiple things that every individual must go through at some point to achieve success. Here are some of the ingredients that go into being successful.

I think people need to be passionate about whatever they do. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t be able to put in the hard work you need to. I also think it’s very important to learn on your own and use your mistakes to better yourself. Being successful isn’t easy, but if you are passionate, have the willingness to learn, and use mistakes to better yourself, you can do anything.

What phone/computer do you use and why?

Great question! I actually use two phones. My main phone that I use 95% of the time is an iPhone 5 and my secondary phone is a LG Env 3. I use the iPhone 5 for almost everything from business to personal use. The LG Env 3 is used mainly for customers to call me regarding support related issues.

I use the iPhone 5 because I always like to get the best Apple products. I think they do great things with their technology and being as busy I am, it helps me be as productive as possible. For my computer, I also have multiple computers (go figure right). I use a MacBook Pro and an Emachines Desktop. 

I use the MacBook Pro just because it’s fast, very easy to use, and helps me stay mobile. The Emachines Desktop is used more for storage purposes and to help me visualize websites and other things on a bigger screen. 

What is your favorite food?

Definitely have to go with pizza!

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect more of the same that you have. I’m going to be releasing a book soon that will help people turn their passions into successful businesses, Profit From Passion. This book will be available on my website and I will be releasing numerous more startup companies in the near future!

I really enjoyed talking to Jeet. I have to admit though I did not find this wonderful teen on my own. I was pointed toward Mr. Banerjee by a reader through my contact forum. I was so excited when I got that email. Please feel free to suggest people to be interviewed. Here is the desktop background I designed for Jeet.

Thanks Jeet!

David Silverman