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Interview with John Moltz(@Moltz)

Wow! High School has started and boy is it work-heavy. But no worries because we have an awesome interview today with John Moltz.  John runs a sweet blog, which you can view here, and it is most definitely VERY NICE.

If Mr. Moltz had to describe himself in 5 words they would be: 

"Angry monkey galactic turnip vacuum."

John describes his workspace as follows: 

My office is in the attic of my house and I have two desks, one for sitting at and one for standing at. I built the standing desk myself and you can really tell because it looks unprofessionally thrown together. Still, it works and, more importantly, it's in front of the window which affords me a view of the Puget Sound, which is nice. The floor is strewn with pieces of paper I kid myself that I'll neatly file away some day. I have 12 Macs of various generations, dating back to a Mac Plus which a friend found by the side of the road and gave to me. It boots, but I don't have one of the telephone cord keyboards that it needs.

Please enjoy my five questions with this internet legend. 

How/why/when did you get into technology and blogging?

If you can imagine such a dark era, I grew up before everyone had a computer in their home. Because of there were no actual home computers (and this may sound like a joke but I assure you it's true) I made one out of cardboard to play with. It had a cardboard frame for a screen that I could slide different images into and the keyboard was a tray some fancy chocolates had come in that I turned upside down. So, long before we all had it in our homes, I longed for technology. My first Mac was a used SE I bought in 1990 for $2,000. It was love. The rest is history, etc.

What respect do you have for other technology bloggers such as John Gruber of Daring Fireball or Horace Dediu of Asymco?

John is a friend of mine and is wildly successful at what he does because of the thought and intelligence he puts into his posts. So, naturally, I hate his guts. I don't know Horace but that guy is so sharp he comes with a warning that small children should not use him unsupervised.

Seriously, there is a terrific group of smart people that I have been thrilled to get to know since I stumbled incoherently onto this scene. Not only are they smart, they share my interest in technology and are pretty fun to hang out with. I didn't make many friends working in corporate America. But in the wacky world of online technology writing, it's like being in college again.

If you could go back to your tenth grade self and give him one piece of advice, what would it be?

Invest every cent you have in AAPL in 1997 and then get out in the summer of 2012 when it hits 700 and retire early. I hate to tell you that you're never going to be an astronaut or a spy, but your life is going to be pretty good anyway. OK, that's two pieces of advice.

There has been a lot of talk lately of a lower priced iPhone, what is your opinion on the matter? Is it coming? What will it be like?

I think it'll be just like what we've seen on the rumor sites. Apple's tapped out the major carriers so it needs to get into new markets. I don't have an inside track, but I suspect the company's share price has caused them to be more lax about letting details of their plans slip out.

If you could trade places with one person for a whole day, who would it be?

Bruce Lee. Maybe sometime in the summer of 1972. I'd just walk into a dojo and spar with people all day.

Uh, assuming I have all of that person's talents. If not then definitely somebody else.

David Silverman