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Interview with Marc Edwards(@marcedwards)

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Today we have an interview with Marc Edwards. Marc is the director and lead designer at Bjango. Bjango is a company that makes some of the best iOS apps there are. Marc also co hosts Iterate Podcast, which focuses on mobile apps.

How/why/when was Bjango started?

Bjango started in 2005, under the name of iSlayer. We created lots of Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets and gave them away for free. From there, we moved on to full Mac apps. By the time we changed our name to Bjango, our apps and widgets had been downloaded over 30 million times. The iPhone's apps looked like widgets and were developed like Mac apps, so we're had the best possible training, completely by chance. We were pretty lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

What does your workspace look like? Phone? Computer?

Probably a lot like most iOS developers! I have an iPhone, and iPad and a Mac Pro with a 24 inch Cinema Display. I suspect that will end up being a Retina display iMac, when they're released. There's not much need for a Mac Pro for the kind of work I do.

Why did you get an account? What is your opinion of the future of that service and Twitter?

Services that rely on advertising and collecting user data tend to end up with tainted motivations. The users are no longer the customers. The advertisers are. A business model like 's changes that around, making the paying customer the user of the service. I think that means the motivation of and its users should be closer aligned than Twitter's. may never have hundreds of millions of users, but I don't think that's what they're going for.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Cone or cup?

Definitely cone. A good waffle cone is so tasty. Probably coffee flavoured. Or something fruity.

How would a ninth grader get involved with Bjango?

How would you like to get involved? Our size and staff locations makes things a little difficult sometimes, but we can try.

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