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Interview with Rob Alderson(@RobAlderson)

Wouldn't it be nice to have an interview with the editor of It's NIce That?

Today we have a great interview with Rob Alderson. Rob is an editor at It's Nice That.

This publication describes themselves as such:

It’s Nice That exists to champion creativity across a whole host of disciplines. We publish exciting, original and engaging work from both established names and talented newcomers.

How/why/when was INT founded?

INT was founded five years ago by Will Hudson. At first it was a way for Will to keep track of creatives he liked during his university years but it's grown and grown to the point we are today with a magazine, an events team and a sister creative studio (INT Works)

How did you get into writing?

It was all I could really do! After leaving university I worked in an art gallery for a bit but I wan't really satisfied so I retrained as a journalist. I came out in 2009 which was in the depths of the recession and the only job I could get was on a small newspaper in Hastings on the south coast, but it turned out to be the perfect place to learn the craft of writing, researching, interviewing etc. I left there in summer 2011 and joined It's Nice That.

As a writer and editor, what respect do you have, if any, for the design side of the internet world?

When I first came here, if I'm being honest, not a great deal. I knew it was important but as someone who thinks in textual terms I couldn't really engage with it. But since I have been here I have learned massive amounts and helped redesign the website, during which time we had lots of conversations about that side of things and had to make lots of design decisions. Ever since then I have come to look out for it much more.

Whats does your workspace look like?

The studio is a white-washed East London space with lots of prints on the walls. But my actual space is kind of a mess - there's loads of post-its, letters, books, glasses and Sharpies. I'd send you a picture but I might get in trouble. i clean it every Friday but it doesn't take long to slip back!

What can we expect from INT and you in the future?

There's no big five year plan or anything but we are keen to kick on and build on the developments we have made in the past few years. We're relaunching our podcast, we'll be looking at some video stuff and we're bringing in a new print offering as well as adding some online features such as opinion pieces. It's exciting but above all we'll be flexible and reactive to what our readers want. On a personal level, Id like to keep my desk tidier...

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Thanks Rob!


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