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Interview with John Siracusa(@siracusa)

Today's interview is with John Siracusa! John is an extremely well known developer and technology writer with unbelievable talent!

I first learned of John when I listened to him on John Gruber's podcast, and was immediately amazed by his knowledge. I am so happy he answered my questions, please enjoy.

How did you get into technology writing?

Back before the web became popular, I used to write a lot on Usenet. Later, I was an active member of the Ars Technica forums. The founder of Ars saw my posts in the forums and asked me if I wanted to write for the site. I said yes, and it just grew from there. I was lucky enough to be entering adulthood just as the Internet and web publishing explosion happened. Right place, right time. I'm not sure I'd be writing in any professional capacity in a pre-Internet world where the barriers to entry were much greater.

As a writer yourself, what respect do you have if any for other bloggers and writers like John Gruber, of Daring Fireball?

I have tremendous admiration for anyone who's built a successful business doing what they love. I read and enjoy a ton of web sites and blogs that focus on Apple and the tech world, but I am just as amazed by people who have a business making and selling custom door knobs, or whatever. I respect passion and perseverance.

What is your favorite food?

Pasta. (I can't choose just one dish, so I'm picking the entire category.)

 If you could be the head of Apple, take Tim Cook's position, for one day, what would your first actions be?

Assuming my one-day decisions wouldn't all be reversed the next day, I'd start a multi year effort to build Apple's own suite of network service infrastructure technologies. Things like Google's GFS and Spanner, or Amazon's S3 and EC2.

If I had any time left in the day, I'd also make sure there's still at least one product pushing the limits of absolute performance at the high end of Apple's PC line.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I'm trying to write more on my own web site,, but I do plan to review the next major version of OS X for Ars Technica. I'm still podcasting too, both as a regular on my own podcasts and as a guest on other people's shows.

David Silverman