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Myspace I applaud you.

I am sure most of you saw this video yesterday.

I have to be honest.

I am thoroughly impressed by this.

When I started to watch this video I got very excited, for two reasons.

Reason #1

I am a relatively new Facebook user and as someone who likes design, Facebook's design, to put it simply, disgusts me.  replace word it with Facebook's design

It is old school to a point that I cannot even describe. It is cluttered, it is dull, it is boring, and it doesn't look like a an idea that is being worked on. People can argue that "timeline" was the update to the "Facebook look," and let's say it's a pretty bad update. It is even more confusing then the previous version of Facebook. I believe that Facebook would feel so much more inviting, and more people would end up using it if they sat down with their designers and said "Look. We can do better, but we have been holding you back. Now here is your chance, run free." 

I know some of these designers and I know that they can do amazing work, on some occasions I have seen it first hand. All these designers need is the go ahead, and Facebook would finally look appetizing. But that's just me.

Reason #2

I love stories of the underdog. I think in this case Myspace is the underdog. But I love this concept of a new Myspace. The idea of social networking in the Facebook/Myspace format is great. But why does Facebook have the right to be the only option?

To me this a pure example of capitalism. Whoever does social networking better wins. And I have to say, seeing Myspace's "second try," I think they are on to something.

Who knows maybe in the coming month's people will go back to saying..."check out my Myspace page."

David Silverman