This is! Founded by David Silverman, this site is mainly dedicated to interviewing the best and brightest of the technology world. However, this site often veers from its intended purpose to discuss everything from basketball to rap music. Enjoy!


About 375 days ago, I signed up for My username and website name was instantbight. I meant to register the name as instantbyte, as in gigabyte but in some strange twist of fate that created my online identity, I went with another spelling; bight. A bight is a bend or curve.

I started this blog at the start because I was bored. But I realized I started this blog to learn, teach, discover, and give.

I struggled as a small eighth grader, trying to make sense of what this "instantbight" really was, what was the point, and for a while I stopped. I felt what I am sure every blogger can attest to. I felt useless, I wasn't getting any rational outcome from all of my effort. But during one of my "dry" months I was reading from Daring Fireball, Minimally Minimal, and Asymco (sort of my blogging trifecta), and was inspired.

But I wasn't simply inspired to play more basketball like I am after I watch Like Mike. I was inspired to try harder, to get to that 50 view number (I know high goal) by any means necessary.

As many bloggers do, I decided to reevaluate. My current system was not working; posting twice a week with reviews or just "cool things." I needed to find my niche. After interviewing Luke McDonald, and seeing a spike in my views from 5 to about 55, I was hooked, and hooked good.

Since that fateful November day I have had battles with success, failure, WordPress (Squarespace rocks the house), and along the way have talked with 100 people using my insta5 format.

This list  is studded with outstanding designers, genius analysts, and crafty entrepreneurs, all of which are celebrities in their own right.

It is funny, every time I get into a conversation about my website, and the interviews I do, the same questions always pops up, "have you interviewed any famous people?" The answer is always the same, "well they are all famous to me." Isn't that what matters? 

For a while I would say less than 500 people new about my blog. But literally because of strategically placed hard work that small grouping of viewers grew. (I am looking at you Mr. Elmer De-Witt)

This post is meant to be a reflection, on the work I have done to create a list of 100 interviews. But I feel as though now this post is more of a declaration. 

What I think I am trying to say is this, as a kid there is certainly an "unwritten" code by which your life is supposed to go, people might be afraid to move away from that line. But I want to try to convince any young person out there, to take an instantbight.

Challenge yourself to take that one sharp turn away from the norm, find your passion and jive with it. Strive to be like the people on this list, be a role model to someone, anyone. I often think the phrase, "I am a celebrity to my friends," is perfect. Be a celebrity to millions, or hundreds, or one person, and build that relationship, make it strong.

If you do choose to except this challenge, don't worry, you are not alone, there are many other "instantbighters" out there to live by. People like Jared Erondu, one of my interviewees, who has achieved more in only 18 years than others have in double that. 

I can only dream to accomplish what my interviewees has, but hey, I may be dreaming but I am not sleeping.

So at the close of this slightly rambling reflection turned declaration, I would like to make one more sudden turn, and make this post my mission statement, and manifesto.

My goal in life is to show that a passion, is a passion, is a passion, no matter what age you are. My goal in life is to find places to take "instantbights", and bring people with me, and make this world I am living in a little more beautiful,  and a little more fun.


David Silverman

David Silverman