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The future

With Scott Forstall gone, Apple is becoming a more unified company. Here's how.

These two men, scratch that, these two wizards, scratch that, these two design gods are now the base of every future Apple product. Craig Federighi, and Jonathan Ive, are now the future of Apple.

Jon is the head of Product Design and will also be working on UI, and HI.

Craig is the head of Mac OSX, and now iOS, which in turn means he will be involved in product design as well.

This makes for a tight knit machine that will turn out some unbelievable products.

The fact is that the combination of a product design genius, and a man who has made the most advanced and beautiful software in the world, is fool proof.

The simplicity of Ive + the practicality, and software wisdom of Federighi = harmonious perfection.

This may seem like over kill, but it is not. To me Scott Forstall's leaving is the best thing that has happened to Apple since Steve Jobs was re-instated as it's CEO.

David Silverman